Hi, my name is INDREK.

Unfortunately I haven’t got one of those  (typical) hard luck stories that we always seem to hear in this industry, about abandonment, drugs, alcohol, abusive parents etc but my story was more of a business partnership which went sour. Sound familiar? (you can read my story somewhere on this site)

Because of a bad and misguided business decision I made a few years ago, I virtually lost a big chunk of what I had built up over some 18 years or so. This decision impacted on me financially, personally, dramatically affected my family and really reduced me to where I had started from all those years ago.

Suffice to say, I needed to find a path which ultimately would resurrect my business life and that something needed to work FAST. Not having the luxury of age anymore and accepting the fact that I was (self) deemed “unemployable” (I am too self opinionated) I could not afford to get into something that couldn’t start generating results immediately.

With just a mobile phone and an internet connection, I educated myself over the last 3 years on what to look for in a home based business, and I have found ethical income streams that can be activated almost immediately, providing you with an income, an online business together with powerful and up to date automated marketing systems. I learnt the importance of surrounding yourself with successful people who are prepared to coach and guide you to the success you are trying to achieve a lot faster than trying to weave your way through the myriad of information out there on the net.

It took me nearly four years to crawl out of the hole that my business put me in and in my journey of re inventing myself, I discovered that too many people had also experienced some sort of dramatic setbacks like I had. So, to those people out there who perhaps through no fault of their own, who have lost their way, who have been retrenched, being told they are too old, those who have lost some or all of their investments, those who are disabled, those who are going through a messy divorce, whatever your circumstance, TAKE HEED. There is a way out of all this but as I found, it needed a change in MINDSET and to accept that in this new era of digital technology, new money markets have been born and a new way of conducting business from your lounge room has become the new accepted way to financial success. IT CAN NOW BE DONE.

Take back the control. Set your own pace. Get sight of your dreams again and start moving towards it once more. YOU CAN DO IT and you WILL DO IT.


I’ve “been there done that” can teach you what not to do and have the empathy and the  understanding of what you are either going through or what you have been through.



I call it EARN while you LEARN.

And how do you do this?


Finding a coach that has YOUR SUCCESS as priority.

Work with me FREE for the next 30 days and let me introduce you to a number of money making opportunities  and lets see if you can start generating money within a few weeks and hopefully build a relationship which will take you through to the success you are looking for.


THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY SITE. Please navigate your way through a very FACTUAL insight to what you should know before you get carried away with the glitz and glamour of online marketing  me. If you can believe me I’ve tried to keep the bullshit out.


My mission is to help people who have lost their way, perhaps through circumstances that are not of their own doing, and show them that whatever stage of life you are in, anything is possible.

I want to give you the tools to generate what you may have lost or what you would like to achieve and to achieve it very soon. You will love what you will be promoting and marketing knowing that they have a history of changing people’s lives. Learn how to create a successful business from home through social media and not going anywhere near your network of friends. Time will see them coming to you.

Be part of what is happening in our communities right now, a financial and commercial revolution.

With the right mentors who are willing to share their techniques to success, you too can get back what you have lost.

Dare to be Great is your platform.

Take the first step and email me. to find out more.

    I've wanted to learn this, but I don't know where to start. Show me how.




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