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Unfortunately I haven’t got one of those  (typical) hard luck stories that we always seem to hear in this industry, about abandonment, drugs, alcohol etc but my story was more of a business partnership which went sour. Sound familiar? (you can read my story somewhere on this site)

Suffice to say, I needed to find a path which ultimately would resurrect my business life and that something needed to work FAST. Not having the luxury of age anymore and accepting the fact that I was (self) deemed “unemployable” (I am too self opinionated) I could not afford to get into something that couldn’t start generating results immediately.

Trawling around the net looking for that special “something” I really did discover what the home industry/internet marketing was all about and was just blown away with the possibilities. Had one of those “ah ha” moments when I realised the power of two words, LEVERAGE and DUPLICATION.

It took me about four years to crawl out of that hole that my business put me in. In my struggles I was amazed to discover the number of people, friends and non friends, that were in a similar situation as I had been in or had some sort of dramatic setback in their life and had given up of ever recouping what they had lost. It was so sad to see good talent going to waste (me included…ha) What had been lost, as I saw it, was CONFIDENCE, the loss of FAITH, VISION, a PLAN of some sort.

So it was like a natural progression that I decided to record my journey and progression in establishing  a successful online home business and to be able to pass on my success to those lost souls who have lost their way, have nowhere to turn to but still have that flicker of flame to find something that they may resurrect their lives and try and claw back what they had lost.




EARN while you LEARN.

What’s the trick to everything you have heard about marketing online.

The “TRICK” folks is

Finding a coach that has YOUR SUCCESS a priority.



I’ve “been there done that” can teach you what not to do and have the empathy and the  understanding of what you are either going through or what you have been through.

I have surrounded myself with some of the best internet entrepreneurs, from different business structures from all walks of life and we as an online group of like minded people,  help, educate and promote one another on the firm belief that anyone of us has the potential to become financially independent again no matter what our past circumstances have been.

But all of this doesn’t ad up to anything if you’re not earning the sort of money you deserve.



Have a good look around my site and see if anything resonates with you and where you are in your business or private life.

Work with me FREE for the next 30 days and let me introduce you to a number of money making opportunities  and lets see if you can start generating money within a few weeks and hopefully build a relationship which will take you through to the success you are looking for.



Passionate About Inspiring Others


My mission is to help people who have lost their way, perhaps through circumstances that are not of their own doing, and show them that whatever stage of life you are in, anything is possible.

With the right mentors who are willing to share their techniques to success, you too can get back what you have lost.

Dare to be Great is your platform.

Let me share with you the opportunities that I trust and that have helped me.This is an economic and social revolution that is set to double in the next 2 years. Be part of it while you still have that day time job.

Take the first step and email me.

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