What makes you tick?

There are professional wizards out there who can put together beautiful 3 to 5 min Utube clips that paint a picture where words are hard to find. Many coaches and mentors put their emotions and feeling onto these pictured canvases. Sometimes when you may be feeling down, when you need to refocus to pick up your mental energy, perhaps one of these inspirational jolts will get you cruising again. Hear some inspirational words from people who you know, encourage you to find the better you and comfort you by letting you know that their journey was perhaps similar to yours

Hope you like my selection of my favourite inspirational clips.


Gary Vayerchuck for 60 year olds. Age is no concern, just do it.


Sean Stevenson: I have chosen a life of strength. Who’s really in prison.


Nick Vujicic: Never give up. Just get up. Find your strength. You will find the power to get back up.


Casey Neistat: Do What You Can’t


Prince ea. Everybody dies but not everybody lives.


Arnie. Trust yourself.

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