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The future is looking unbelievably bright

How Australian consumers and businesses are using social media

This is the future – like next year?

We have been fortunate in Australia over the past few years: Sensis has undertaken an annual survey of Australian consumers and business to find out how and why they use social media. The report usually comes out in June each year. It is well worth keeping an eye out for as its data is invaluable.

Because I’m a lovely person, I’ve summarised some of the more useful, and often quirky, data from the 2017 report this year’s report for you. You’re welcome. 🙂

Social media use in Australia – key stats:

  • 99% of Australians have an internet-enabled device (we average three each).
  • 81% own a smartphone (59% laptop, 51% desktop, 45% tablet). In terms of age, 99% of 18-29-year olds and 96% of 30-39-year olds own a smartphone.
  • 84% of Aussies access the internet daily, with 56% accessing the internet more than five times a day.
  • 79% use social networking sites (up from 69% in 2016), and 35% check social media more than five times a day.

Where we use social media:

  • 57% use social media first thing in the morning, 18% when commuting, 21% during work (this seems quite low to me), 47% on breaks, 47% at lunch time, 71% after work/in the evening, and 39% last thing before bed. This changes quite a lot depending on the age group. For example, 79% of 18-29-year olds check social media first thing in the morning, compared to 43% of 50-64-year olds.
  • 96% use social media at home compared with 35% at work, 43% on public transport, 33% at restaurants/bars/parties, 37% in the car (I hope this isn’t while driving, although I suspect for far too many it is), 16% at sporting events and 14% while on the loo (!!!). Interestingly, 17% of males use it on the toilet compared to 12% of females, and 29% of these are 18-29-year olds. Yes, I also said ewwww!
  • About 35% use social media while watching TV, with 43% of these people watching reality TV.

 The sites we use:

  • Social networking sites used were Facebook (94%), YouTube (51%), Instagram (46%), Snapchat (40%), Twitter (32%), LinkedIn (18%) and Pinterest (10%).
  • In terms of messaging services, 81% use Facebook Messenger, 34% use Viber, 18% use WhatsApp and 12% don’t use any form of messaging service.
  • The typical user spends almost 10 hours a week on Facebook.
  • Smartphones are by far the most preferred device for social networking, with 81% of users accessing social media via a smartphone (a steady increase since 2011). This compares to 30% accessing it on a laptop, 28% on a desktop and 25% on a tablet.
  • Why do people use social media? Not surprisingly, 89% said to catch up with friends and family, 43% said to watch videos, 26% said to find or connect with people with the same interests, 18% said to find out about brands/businesses, 16% said to research products or services, and 9% said to engage with brands for customer-service reasons.
  • Advertising isn’t the taboo you might expect, with 30% of people quite happy to see ads on social networking sites (however, 30% are not). 57% ignore sponsored posts from businesses they don’t follow.
  • 37% will inspect a brand’s social media presence before making a purchase.

What are Australian businesses doing on social media?

Now, here is the good stuff. What are Australian businesses doing on social media? Let me tell you right now, not enough of you are using it. And you should be.

  • 53% of small businesses are not on social media, compared to 51% of medium businesses and 40% of large businesses.
  • The businesses that do use social media primarily use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Large businesses (95%) mostly use social media for two-way communication with clients and contacts – this is up from 76% in 2016, and a model that small and medium-sized businesses need to follow.
  • Only 36% of small businesses that use social media update every day (up from 23% in 2016).
  • Most businesses do not measure their social media return on investment. If this is you, make sure you read Chapter 6 on measurement and analytics.

Only 40% of small businesses and 43% of medium-sized businesses have a social media strategy.

What does this mean for your business?

Plenty of things.

  • If you’re not using social media, you need to be. Your customers are there, and you are missing out on some excellent opportunities to engage with them. If your target audience includes anyone under the age of 40 and you’re not using social media, you’re crazy.
  • Social media is awesome for providing excellence in customer service.
  • If you only promote your business during work hours, say, 9am-5pm or even 8am-6pm, you miss out on valuable opportunities to engage, given most people use social media when they wake up and after work. This means you need to do some serious rethinking. You don’t need to be on social media 24/7, but you need to have more than just a 9-5 presence.
  • Given the clear majority of people use Facebook (95%), it’s vital that you consider Facebook as a marketing tool. The significantly smaller usage of other social media channels is a clear indication that you need to know who your target market is and where they are likely to be. Gary Vaynerchuk reckons all brands with a target audience aged between 20 and 100 need to be on Facebook. Believe him.
  • Write a social media strategy. If you use social media but don’t have a strategy, you’re wasting your time and energy. Your plan needs to link to your overarching business strategy and marketing plan.
  • Be aware of social media demographics, and how and where they access it. Know the demographics of your target market and know where they are. Be responsive to them. Increasingly, there is the expectation that businesses are on social media, so you need a valid reason if you are not. “I’m too scared” or “I can’t be bothered” doesn’t cut it.



I’ve been mucking around online for about 3 years not as successfully as I had hoped. It’s only in the last 6 or so months that things started to happen. I found a mentor and a group of people very much like me who had travelled the same path.

The reason, you may ask two dogs?

It’s probably a combination of a couple of things.

Firstly I wanted my presentation to be (what I thought) the greatest sales pitch you’ve come across, a website that would knock your eyeballs out.

Secondly, I felt as though I needed to know all the up to date stuff that was out there. There was always something new and shiny in my inbox that I just had to look at.

I fell into the Facebook/social media trap and I found it was like quicksand. The more you struggled to get out, the more it sucked you in.

And last but not least, I just didn’t start. PROCRASTINATION. I was always learning more and more, spending more and more dollars and time on courses and programs, perhaps the next one I buy will be the silver bullet for my success. It was just an excuse to not start. Procrastination is the killer of all future goals.

The only real thing I got out of this was EXPERIENCE (I learnt what not to do). Don’t get me wrong, right now as things are picking up for me I don’t really regret ploughing through this internet apprenticeship somehow. Perhaps it will leave me in good stead with those of you who can recognise my journey or those of you who want to start but are afraid to take the first step not wanting to go through 3 years of trial and error like I did.

Luckily in the course of my journey I’ve picked up and surrounded myself with some wonderful and successful partners and mentors. What I’m showing you now is what I believe to be all that is necessary to create a business online STARTING FROM  TODAY. You see, what I’ve learnt in my 3 years of bouncing around is this, in reality all that stuff out there, IT’S ALL THE SAME only dressed up a bit differently. Its like buying a same model BMW from two different car yards. Same model but different paint jobs and each salesman will try and convince you that their colour is better than the other colour. Same car. I’ve picked the companies that you see on my business page because I believe that the training and practicality of their platforms are strong, not pushy, are innovative and more importantly they have a genuine interest in your success. They actually get a hold of you and train you up properly and get you to start making some money right from the get go. But these are my choices only. You may have other products or services that you like, so perhaps all you’ll need from me is a marketing system that is simple and easy to execute.

But the reality is, whether you create your own thing (your own products or systems) or someone else’s or a combination of both, you are going to have to put your hand in your pocket and spend some money. But you should learn and become an expert at marketing your (built up) own brand FREE on platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram etc.

                               THE COST TO START UP YOUR OWN HOME BUSINESS

A website or landing page from $200 to $450-$500 is all you need. This is your BILLBOARD as to who and what you are. But it has to be simple and hit your potential customers like a slap in the face.

  1. A domain name. Depending on where you go, no more $45-$50. Pay it yearly for starters. Be original. Be you. Don’t be typical of domain names.
  2. Pick a product or service. I love iPro (a product I’m involved in) Don’t buy some monthly membership crap or any of those short courses. If you are serious about getting into this you’re going to have to eventually spend $2500 to get involved in the “big ticket” sales (there are larger dollar sales to be made but for starters, this will do – I’m happy at this level because its handleable) and become a partner with this platform and start earning REAL money right from the get go. They do the heavy lifting for you and you share the spoils. Once you get the hang of it, its set n forget. Money on autopilot.
  3. I also sell a EARN WHILE YOU LEARN money system where you get paid the full 100% on the day of the sale. Entry level for me was $500 and an admin charge of $190, both one off payments. Nothing more, zilch, nada. You’ll be blown away with this.
  4. I would strongly advise you to get involved with a LEAD GENERATING system. A simple system to get customers. Works for any product or service. One of the very best I’ve seen is PLS which is simple and extremely well used. The cost to this is $50aud monthly, but as you introduce others to this system the intro will pay a comm. Which pays your cost. So it becomes free. But you will learn initially how to create a following and a BRAND free using FaceBook.
  5. Same goes for an AUTO RESPONDER. I use Getresponse one of a few that works well with your website (wordpress) and the other products I have mentioned above. Cost is $20aud monthly. Again with this system, you will be advising your new customers to buy the same, you pick up commissions which pay for your subs. Autoresponders puts your business on autopilot.

SO THE BOTTOM LINE is less than $3000 for a complete setup of marketing and 2 products and a monthly subscription of $70aud (which can be cancelled anytime)

This is what I’m using right now and that keeps my very busy.

That’s it. With Facebook you have internal tutorials which you can learn from, but otherwise you can start creating a following and building your list today. I am involved with a couple of groups which are made up of people like you and I who have experienced the same starting difficulties as I did and undoubtedly you will also. Some excellent advice and hands on knowledge is at your disposal from these groups. You might be persuaded to pick up on a short FB marketing course from one of the group, perhaps the leader (and he/she may charge you between $100 to $200) but generally we all believe that we can generate leads from the internet FREE. This is what I’m using. If you start seeing results fairy quickly you may want to extend yourself further and get hungry for more knowledge. There is an amazing amount of info out there for you to absorb but again, all of this type of extras will come from groups or references from other people who enjoy helping others. The skys the limit.

So SORRY, yes there is a little bit of money to spend on creating a proven successful business online, on your kitchen table at a time to suit YOU. But EARN while you LEARN. And be taught the right way right from the start so that you don’t have to wander around in the internet wilderness for years like I did.

Be careful when you hear people spruiking the term “multiple streams on income” This maybe something to strive for later on when you consider yourself as a successful and an experienced marketer, but for the time being, let’s just become successful with one or two products because in reality, if you can’t be successful with a couple of products, what makes you think that having several will make you richer quicker.

And while you are considering business names and which markets to get into, if you feel that this internet marketing thing is the road which you want to get onto, set yourself up properly. Open a separate bank account. Collect receipts on everything that you buy in products, learning material, cost of websites, domain names and even use part of your home, electricity and mb phone as genuine tax deductions. But speak to an accountant to get the correct ratios that you can claim on. You will be surprised at what you can claim. If you start making serious money within say 12 months, ask your accountant to split your income with your wife/hubby or partner (just one of the many legal tax structures out there) and how you can minimise tax to the max.

Start making an income and I’ll show you how to fund your BITCOIN purchases with FREE money  (that’s another subject and income stream I will show you a little further down the track) If you have a current job and you develop a successful home business, I will show you how to get into your own home or an investment within 24 months. That could be the start of your real estate portfolio and a retirement that can’t come quick enough.

I don’t want to over simplify the online business within these couple of pages, but I would like to emphasise that one can fall into a misconception that online marketing is complicated and too tough for an individual who wants to get started. Yes it is hard and it’s not a walk in the park but you can learn this with logic, being with a group of like minded people, a coach, all the free tuition that you will find online and less money spent than you think. Because there is an industry out there that wants you to believe that it is hard and why you should be buying their product because they have all the answers. It’s just the $$$$$’s. So just be aware. The first 6 months is where you put in the effort to set yourself up properly but importantly, make sure you you are on the right track right from the start. Don’t get lost in all the razzle dazzle.

If I could close on an important point.

I saw some interesting facts the other day taken from Australia’s employment figures which came out last month. The growth of online business in Australia has grown to a bit over 20% of the workforce. That is a combination of people who have a primary  source of income and those who are trying to break into the online business. It’s also a fact that the pension will be restructured as will your superannuation if you think these will be your salvation. I will cover these points in another post shortly because what is fact has become a pretty frightening reality for the new generation of workers and those who are 25 to 55 now working, with a question mark over their retirement plans.


Why I turned to online marketing was because of a bad business decision I made a handful of years ago where I lost $500k’s (there abouts) cash. I’m on the wrong side of my time line so I had to find something which would generate an income to avoid the pension, pay off a mortgage and give me enough income to live a good life.


And the whole point of you looking and finding my site, is to


I’m being brutally honest here. Don’t spend money buying into anything or setting anything up if all you want to do, is to be part of some online community group that gets together weekly to sing kumbaya. A lot of these groups are like quicksand. Ooh yes, those shiny things in your inbox will try to convince you that the complications of online marketing will disappear IF you buy one of their products. Believe me, I’ve bought thousands of dollars worth of eLearning products and it all gets back to one thing and one thing only.


 Of course I’m going to make money out of you if you buy something through my link but I don’t want to make ONE small sale out of you, I want to make a few. So it’s my interest to get you going as quickly as possible and to make sure I can help you cover your set up and buy in costs as soon as, and give you the where with all to be able to repeat what I showed you so that you can teach others the same steps.

This is an industry of LEVERAGE and DUPLICATION. That’s all. Where people make the cardinal mistake, is that they think that having learnt the fundamentals, they can now rejig what they have learnt and they modify a wheel that was never broken. Experience over time and trial n error will show you that this does not work.

Research has shown us that only about 5% of online marketers will make massive amounts of money. Another 22% will make reasonable amount of money and almost replace their jobs. 48% of online marketers will make money now and again to keep them interested and around 25% buy buy and buy stuff only to give it away because they are by now totally confused. Mainly because they didn’t follow some very simple rules. Didn’t follow, or just weren’t shown anything after they had bought products.

 As you learn these simple progressive successful steps, you will over time blend in your own personality. You will probably look for added advantages such as YouTube, Podcasting, Instagram and who knows what will be out there in the next handful of years. But at least you will have the good solid foundations of marketing and all the extras will be a natural build on your already successful brand. Spend money on yourself to progress quicker for sure but only when you are already bringing in a steady and sustainable income.





Whoever is reading this, I don’t know you, but if ever there was an incentive to start a plan for retirement, this has to be it. It’s a brand new world we live in and the constraints that have become an everyday occurrence comes not only from your local economical and political pressures but also from the environment. What will life be like in another 20 to 30 years from now with temperatures rising and the pressures of external politics such as feeding the starving masses. All of this will take money to resolve which may mean pressure on local economics (country) Less money from governments to sustain pensions. Which means, how will retirees be living. What quality of life will they have? Yes, it will be an interesting future.

Which brings me back to the point of all this.

Every week, there is 5 million people all around the globe typing into googles search bar “how to make money online” This is not some made up imaginary number but a number concerned with their end of the line living standard. Will their retirement be a walk in the park or will they only survive and in order to survive, what must they do about it.

These people looking need to hear your story, your successes or your failures and how you managed to put together a plan which saved you from the uncertain future. It may be that you have dragged yourself out of circumstances that your reader is in currently and is looking for your advice as to what to do. If you have a success story, people are wanting to hear from you and they are willing to pay you for your advice and expertise to teach them how they too can become financially independent.

There is a hungry crowd out there waiting for your advice.




Well you don’t have to look too far for a market to work in.

Retirement and the fact that modern medicine is keeping us alive a lot longer

has presented the problem of HOW TO LIVE for possibly another 25 years.


Fact 1. Governments are running out of money to prop you up with a pension

Fact 2. Can you even afford to retire now and where? Do you keep working?

Fact 3. The cost of living may keep you in poverty eg. cost of energy

Fact 4. And the biggest plus, 5 million people per wk googling “how to make money online”




It took me some time to accept that life after my collapsed business setback would be very different path indeed.

A poor business decision, a breakdown in a relationship, finding yourself out of work at a critical time in your life or a brush with a life threatening disability, all makes for a realisation that to set yourself up again for your future and the future of your family, all of your past experiences, strengths and determination will have to be drawn upon again.

Each step will now have to be planned with no time out to go back to fix up mistakes. If you are on the wrong end of your timeline, this is critical. Of course, this all comes down to what you want out of life. Have you got the where with all to pick up the baton again and do the chase. Have you still got that fire in your belly? Have you got the balls?

Most will throw their hands up in the air and just give it away. I see this all the time. Others, too few I’m afraid, will say bugger it, I’m going to beat this. And they simply do. And generally because of their experience and maturity, they do it quicker (than before)

Don’t think that I’m somehow worried about the circumstances you may be in, whether its temporary or long term, it is what it is. More to the point, I am sorry about the possible opportunities that you may be missing out on, opportunities that other people in circumstances similar to yours (and mine)

have been in but able to conquer their setbacks and have now set their path to the life that they’ve always wanted. Not only that, with their maturity and their new found way of understanding what their “wealth” means to them,

they can now pursue their passions and other important aspects of their lives,

aside from generating the income that they need.

I know you have a passion that needs feeding but the harsh reality of this is, you need money.

Guess what? Time is not exactly on our side anymore so in order for you to reach those goals that you have in the back of your head you are going to need a plan, a pathway and someone who will point you away from dead ends

and show you the road where you can see the finish line.

Do not think, as a matter of fact get it right out of your head, that your goals aren’t achievable? One of my colleagues is in his early 70’s and is having the time of his life generating an income by doing the very simple and basic things

he has been taught over the last couple of years. He is not some millionaire, nor does he want to be, but he is a six figure income earner and has enough stashed away to never ever rely on the government in case he wants to retire. He is one of a few Aussie guys I work with who want to help you get what you want out of life and an example of a belief that anyone at any stage of their lives in any circumstance, can achieve the necessary security needed to fulfil the rest of their lives.

I’m not saying to drop everything you are doing at the moment but if you can spare some time to look at what is available out there and also get involved with a group of very ordinary people who are achieving small successes every week, you will understand where I’m coming from.

Get a feel of what is possible and achievable without committing yourself initially, no strings attached.

Just be an onlooker within the community and when the time is right for you,

we can then talk.


I am reachable any time by reaching out to me at   dtbginfo@gmail.com



         Damned is the person who abandons themselves

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