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Hands up those people who are living in rented accommodation.

Whatever your circumstances have been, right now you are paying a landlord, making him rich from your efforts, right.

If you are in your 30’s maybe even in your early 40’s there’s a probability that you’ll be in a position to get a mortgage and buy a house if you act soon. But it appears (sourced from ABS) that those well into their 40’s and above will not be in a position to buy at all. You see, wages have not kept up with the incredible increase of home prices and the banks (who dictate the way in which the country spends) will not make things easier. This is not a political statement, just fact. Another fact is the rents will not decrease either so at the end of the day, your rent money is dead money with nothing to show at the end of many years and it will put you into a situation when it comes to retirement where you will have no equity stake in anything that you can sell to improve your lot when you  finish work. Let me tell you, of what I’ve seen is this, based on current pension values, it will be impossible to live on the pension (or whatever else it may be called) and have a reasonable quality of life, if you don’t own your own home ( I’m assuming that you haven’t borrowed and bought an investment property where someone else is paying it off). The other problem is, that modern medicine is keeping us alive well into our 70’s and probably a lot longer. So there a pretty significant time period of so called retirement that you will have to grapple with.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the course that maybe is mapped out for you currently. Today’s technology and the explosion of social media has created an even playing field for anyone who wants to play the game of getting ahead. We are going through a gigantic shift in the way we do business, learn/research, sell goods and services, buy everyday commodities like food and all the necessaries we need to live a comfortable life. The internet phenomena is set to quadruple in the next couple of years so don’t ever think that you may have somehow missed the boat. We are still on the starting line.

Why NOW is so important to seriously look at what is going on in the world of cyber space.

In Australia, we are going through some major industry and workplace changes. And we see that this is a worldwide shift. Currently, Australia is in the process of not just closing companies, but whole industries. The car manufacturing industry, textile, I’ve just heard on todays news that a big (dirty coal) energy source industry has announce a close by date. So we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people who have been given their used by date. And all those other small businesses that feed off these bigger industries, all will be affected. Some will scrape through it ok because their payout package may actually pay off their house. Others will struggle with payouts which may just a few years income as the package. Now if you have been in this industry for a few years and you are in your 50’s, late 50’s or even in your early 60’s how are you going to survive the next 15 to 20 years? How far will your redundancy package go for? Some will be swallowed up by fringe industries, get retrained or even end up at Bunnings (although there’s only so many jobs there as well, all casual) People will have their own ideas as to why this should be happening at all. Some will argue that it is politically motivated. Perhaps. But I  believe that this is part of an enormous shift in the worlds readjustment to the way we will be living in the very near future. This is the biggest industrial revolution since the industrial revolution (ha) And it’s started already.

But with these enormous shifts and changes, brings new ideas, new technology, new science, a new way of living and more importantly a new bag of opportunity for anyone who cares to put their hand up and say, I WANT THIS. Don’t be tied to a job that you don’t like or a job you are uncertain of.

I get back to why NOW is so important.

Those masses of people who are and will be affected in their industry or service are right now on the lookout to somehow change the way they earn their money. This is why the eLearning industry is set to skyrocket. People are just hungry for information. For the last few years the insatiable thirst for knowledge in all fields has grown exponentially with no slowing down in any sector.


I’m sure that your inbox is always full of you beaut razzle dazzle offers to make big bucks. Learn how to buy/sell real estate, get into forex, shares, sell furniture, books out of Amazon yowser yowser. 90% of stuff that crosses your inbox is really the same shit hashed over and over again, but packaged in such a way that the offer presented seems unique and very tempting. Make money, become a millionaire next week and on and on.

The trick here is to find the systems and programs that are genuine, that are ethical, practical, fairly simple, automated and have a proven track record of a number of solid years. And more importantly, have a following that praises the system and has turned people’s lives around.

Yes there are systems and programs in place created by people who had the vision to see what was going to happen in the world and who have implemented business programs for anyone who was willing to follow defined steps and understood the principles of leverage and duplication.

You too can learn how to create a business online by tracking down the incredible amounts of excellent tuition found off the net. But my question to you is WHY bother? This will take you years to figure out, find a product or service in a niche area, build everything for automation, test the product service and then learn how to market what you have put together. Bit risky. And when will you see a return on your money. There are systems already in place for you, so start earning within weeks.

And if I can touch on one more aspect of this. Your mindset has to change. You have to be in that position where you WANT to change. If you haven’t the DESIRE to change, then maybe the time is not right for you at the moment. You have to come to understand, that opportunities are out there for you to take advantage of right now, to cast your net over the thousands of people not only here in Australia, but from all parts of the world. They want to hear your story and of your success in how you achieved financial freedom over a short period of time. But you’ve got to want to do it.


Right now is the time you should start seriously thinking about your financial future. Make some inquiries as to what is available. In most cases what you will see will be determined by your “gut feeling”. I maybe stating the obvious. But more importantly, start your research now while you still have that “safe” job of yours. And who knows, you might start something as very part time, and find that you will become more immersed a business that is growing and that you love doing.

So I go back to my opening sentence and throw in a bold statement. Get yourself involved in one of our opportunities, part time initially, do exactly what I (and our coaches) show you and within 24 months I’m sure you will be in a position where you will buy your own home (or investment) and you will be well on your way to financial freedom. Don’t make your landlord rich.


I want you to seriously think about your future. You can read why I’m so passionate on my HOME page, about opening the door to anyone who wants to get ahead. So email me on  and I will send you your first investment in yourself, A FREE GIFT.


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