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Even though I have never met some (or probably most) of my face book family, you sort of get to know them over a period of time through the stuff they post with their little rants over issues that worry and concern them. So an arms length online relationship is formed where you can almost call one another by their nick name or some quirky label you’ve stuck them with.

You may over a period of time get an impression about some people as to how they tick, their sense of humour, what their political slant is, how religion sits with them, their frustrations, anger and how they see their future not only for them but also what it may hold for their community. I also get the feeling that some of my FB family feels a little lost. By this I mean they may be in a rut which seems impossible to get out of so that you could look at the future with some optimism, create a living which you can control and be free of the pressures of just carving out a living in this so called modern society. We are all overwhelmed by the stuff that gets blown into our faces day in, day out which we have to handle and negotiate our way through. A lot of us think “if I just didn’t have all this shit around me, I could focus and concentrate on doing something about my life and finding a way to just get started”. Where do we turn to, where is the starting line? I need a plan or a system that will get me started and take me through to something I want to achieve.


While my catastrophe was playing out around 2008-9 which landed me in my own black hole, I was surprised to discover that a few of my friends were going through the same situation as I was going through even though they were wearing a brave face, fooling all those around them. Business failure, marriage break ups, disability issues with no future prospects, work terminations, all affecting them in different ways. Unfortunately I lost a friend who whose life energy was just drained from him and he saw no future left for himself. The more I delved into this despair the more I found others who were also struggling with everyday life issues.

The thread that I found with myself and others who were in the same situation as I had been in, was that its very hard as a business man/owner to accept failure whether it be in business or in a relationship or perhaps a passion that they were wanting to develop. What makes it worse, is that the situation could have been created possibly not from your own doing. Circumstances that have taken them by stealth, outside manipulation, a surprised takeover or by something completely unrelated such as a medical or disability issue, but whatever curve ball that was thrown at them you’ve had to have said, “why me, why now and what did I do to deserve this”?  A natural response.

Well I’m here to tell you that there are ways to find that starting line again, to reignite the fire in your belly and to participate in the good life once more. Some six months ago, I made a decision to completely change the way in which I was looking at things. I’m on the wrong side of my timeline so the steps forward have to be precise, well measured with no stumbling or going backwards. I didn’t have the time to go back and fix mistakes. I needed to create a lifestyle which would look after me in a way in which I didn’t have to rely on anyone or any governmental hand outs. Just look at what the government is doing to our taxes, superannuation and pensions. If you only read what is happening to those changes, those who might want to retire in the next handful of years, you will find that their life will go backwards and they’ll discover that they just can’t afford to live off the pension, any sort of pension and how you now have to protect whatever you have accumulated over the years for just this new phase of your life called retirement. In fact, can you actually afford retirement?

So what do you do about it.

And this is the most important question that you will have to ask of yourself;


It’s a pretty simple question but one that gets avoided to be answered because if you shouted this out you may suddenly realise that you just might have the balls to commit to a change or you may see it as far too difficult to take on. Look in the mirror right now and say

“I want to change my lifestyle and I’m prepared to commit to a work plan”

In fact, this is totally do able. But I’m not going to get into the technical side of programs or systems at this point, but just to reiterate, that you CAN change the way you want to live by –





If you have the commitment to make that change I want to present you with some simple facts.

The internet has created a level playing field to anyone who wants to participate

Money at any amount can be made depending on how much time and effort you put in

Contrary to all the razzle dazzle in you inbox, the simpler the system the more dynamic it is

Almost all of the systems and programs out there are basically the same

Unfortunately, there is poor service and backup which paints a bad picture of the industry

Important. Find a coach or mentor to get to your destination fast

Belong to a community that has successful people who will teach you their gold nuggets

Steer away from products and services that rely on recruiting numbers

Sell a product or program today and get paid the same day the full 100%

Must be fully automated

Generally, if you start with $0,returns will be $0 to very small, despite the picture painted

Be prepared to buy into your own products through licence to earn 4 figure income regularly

This industry has a current turnover of $18Billion per year. Expected to reach $90B in 3 years

Now whoever is reading this might have their eyes rolling into the back of their head. Overwhelming, too complicated, I’m not technically inclined, no internet experience, never done anything like this by myself, is it legit. All valid arguments. To be honest, it’s probably to your advantage that you don’t know all of the crap that is out there. I’ve been investigating this internet phenomena for about three years now and I have literally just started, because I was terrified at what I was seeing every day in my inbox. I was waiting, always waiting for the perfect system to just pop up and all I had to do was just stroke a few keys and the money would start rolling in. I’ve been a fence sitter for three years. Instead, I should have jumped in a long time ago and just started to make mistakes. The best way to learn.

The money I have spent in buying programs and systems, the subscriptions that I’ve paid for monthly, the seminars and conferences I have paid for and attended has kept me thin with money, but what I can tell you with complete confidence, is that the products and services that I now promote are the best, the simplest and the fastest return on your money that I have seen so far.

The whole point of you looking at a home business on the net is primarily to get a second income FAST and to have a system that is simple, automated and more importantly, legitimate. 

Soon it will be a new year. That means another year has passed and if you were to review the past year, how would it look. Was it a success, were you happy, did anything change, did you take a step closer to that dream of yours. If not, why not? How will the new year look? Much the same as last year? Again I ask, what do you want to do about it? Think about a bold new step for 2017. Take a calculated punt and let me show you a couple of opportunities that may change your life. I say may -because this is not for everybody, but as the saying goes “you won’t know, if you won’t have a go”


Email me anytime outside of facebook  at dtbginfo@gmail.com  and I’ll give you a point by point guide on getting yourself  financially independent  with the help of some interesting programs which you can’t afford not to look at. If you are willing, you can create a second income within a week. I’ll also throw in an eBook FREE which will explain in simple terms how you can turn your current life around to something you’ve always wanted to achieve.


Let’s start the New Year together with a brand new image of what 2017 is going to look like.

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