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It was just coincidental that I received an email by someone I absolutely look up to, someone who has walked the talk, been there done that type of person, Jenelle Livet. Coincidental, because I was going to post another one of my observations about the absolute suffocating maze of what is going on in the online business industry. There is an overwhelming amount of STUFF out there, almost impossible to navigate through if you get caught up in the hype, glitz and glamour.


I’ll go out on a limb here by saying IT’S ALL THE SAME FOLKS.


When you all boil it down, its really all the same. Most of the systems and programs are built in the same way. The rules governing social media and what you post on the net (google ad words etc) apply to everybody, a hundred million dollar company or you as an individual who has been online for 5 minutes. It’s now a level playing field. These different systems are just presented or marketed in their own way, their own colour, their own noise but simply, they are all the same. Compare this with buying a car. You’re looking at FORD. Should you buy a black one or a white one. Same car. Should you ad leather seating or keep it cloth. Should you have 8 speakers or the standard 6. Should you have tinted windows or leave them as is. Same car. Same servicing requirements (lets use this servicing example as regular updates for the system or program that you are buying) It all comes down to who you are ENGAGED with. A car salesman or an online coach or mentor. DO YOU CONNECT? This is critical.

This is where you are going to have to TRUST someone, your coach or mentor, to guide you through this online business maze and to put you onto a track that has been proven over time, has the success history that we are all looking for and has the proof in testimonials from many many happy and successful online marketers who have had their lives changed.


The realisation of all this could be called a SECRET or a TRICK as those gurus out there call it. How to crack becoming a successful online marketer. Let me tell you my “SECRET” or “TRICK”.


Find one or two systems and become the expert at these programs, the “go to person”

Engage with those people who come to you via your marketing for more information and wanting to buy.


You will make a fortune by looking after these people and they will love you for it.

Save yourself precious time and money by not going mental and polluting your mind with the absolutely overcrowded volume of information that is disguised to take your money.

Jenell and a few others have realised this and I include an extract from her email;

“Have you ever felt that you wanted to give up?

I have been reviewing my business like I do at the end of every month and looking at my system I am thinking that I am still doing far too much work for the return I am getting.

I am still guilty of constantly looking for new ways to make money and as I was going through the many programs I have purchased a notification came in from Paypal. Gotta love those.
I looked at where this payment had come from and once again wondered why I was not spending more time promoting this and forgetting about trying to find a better system.
I paid a lot of money for the system that sent that paypal notification and really it has everything I need. The education and the amazing sales funnel which obviously works without me doing much work so imagine if I actually spent more time and effort marketing that system. cha ching cha ching.

So if you are interested in a system that is working no matter if you put a little effort or a big effort then do yourself a favour and just get started. It will open your eyes about just how important it is to market a product with a high converting funnel. I now have proof that I can make money while I sleep”.

It’s hard enough finding an online business system that you feel comfortable with and its harder to find something that will start showing you a monetary return in a reasonably quick (or short) period of time. You don’t have to jump into something brand new straight away. Join me in a fabulous DISCUSSION GROUP completely free, no strings, and get a feel of what others just like you are finding out and achieving in a relatively short period of time. We all have experimented with different things which you may have come across. We as a group offer you our experiences and our successes and losses so that you won’t get lost on your journey to that goal you are after.

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