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CASH, A PASSIVE INCOME STREAM and then BRICKS N MORTAR. IT’S SIMPLER and CHEAPER than you think. It’s hands on and it’s real.

It bemuses me constantly when I open my inbox checking out another offer too good to be true. Whether its subscribing, getting amongst groups or building lists from you beaut programs, I am inundated with offers which promise me that their program will catapult me into the stratosphere of list building and prosperity. In my three years of searching the home business industry I find that the key component to all this marketing is based on attracting new people coming in and learning (trying to learn) how to try and connect with other new wannabes out there. Nearly all the programs out there want you to sell their copied systems to others with the big statement that theirs is the mother of all systems. Well guess what. They are all basically the same just dressed up differently. You want to buy a red Mustang but the showroom only has one left, and its a black one. Same car. You know where I’m coming from. The industry wants to complicate itself because the different systems out there will argue that they are the simplest most uncomplicated and cheapest on the market and this is why you should buy it. Anyone can learn all of this “stuff” free off the net and not pay for anything. But believe me, that takes time and you could grow despondent and eventually drift away.

There are other ways. The fact is that social media has created a level playing field so it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the business for 5 min or you are CEO of a multi-million dollar company. The rules are the same. This is what makes the industry so exciting and accessible to everybody and anybody. The world has been shaken by this incredible disruption of digital technology. Not since the Industrial revolution has there been such a change in the way in which business and commerce will be conducted. And we’ve only scratched the surface. Now is the time to take advantage of these amazing opportunities out there. But which opportunities should you look at and chase? This to me was the 64 thousand dollar question. Which one should I go for and will I be comfortable and proud to promote the program or system. Let’s face it, those of you who are reading this are probably building or getting involved with other groups in order to create interest in your marketing plan so that you too can be one of those hundreds of shiny things that invade our inbox’s daily. The question is, how long have you been doing this for and how much money have you actually earned so far? Statistics say that you are probably in the 90% (there abouts) group who barely scratches out some sort of a living if at all. Yes, you see all the time in various product promotions a handful of people seemingly making thousands per month. Well I see the same people constantly repeating the same earnings but with different products almost like a rent-a-success crowd. Hmmmmm.

Getting back to why you are here reading this. I would hazard a guess that originally you got onto the net to see if you could actually make money online and how quickly would you see a result. This is why I got online. I made a bad business decision (you can see my story on my web site) and I wanted back what I had lost. How was I going to do this? THE NET. What I learned after spending thousands of dollars on subscriptions, courses, programs (you name it) hours at seminars and workshops is probably what you are going through now. My summary. It’s like the wheel has turned a full circle for me. IT’S ALL PRETTY MUCH THE SAME. You just have to find THAT THING that makes you comfortable so that when you are promoting it, you do it with passion and conviction.

To me, what I needed was MONEY. I had to find something that created a cash flow for me and get paid virtually on the day of the sale. And more importantly, prove to me that cash can be made with a system that requires the same time and energy as floundering around with most other non producing marketing systems. Selling small products like vitamins (just as an example) you will find it difficult to make any real money at all. Its defeated by the structure of most product based multi level marketing companies. Cash is King I say. And I have found a system that’s been around for about 10years and changing peoples lives. Its simple, easy to implement and is fully automated. You have a great back office structure and you can get paid on the day of the sale, the full hundred percent of the purchase price with no middlemen cutting up the commission. This is perfect for me. I create my own cash flow, I’m in control. I need this because I want to have a couple of affiliate programs I want to sell also, which takes a little time to set up properly, where they (the owners) do all the heavy lifting for me and I get 50% of whatever they get across the line. This works 24/7. And my cash business creates the weekly income I need to pay my bills. I can then sell my (health) product which I have a passion for but there’s no pressure with this product line to produce as I already have a few income streams. My product customers come from these streams without me rattling their cages.

And my end game plan is to buy real estate with the income I have produced over the last two years. Being a cautious Australian (well, so I’m told) I like my rewards to be felt in bricks and mortar. Maybe it’s just an Aussie thing. And just a quickie, we in Australia have a housing shortage (would you believe –on the east coast) and anything you build or renovate you have a line up of people wanting to buy or rent, so if you have invested correctly you too could end up with a surplus after all outgoings have been paid. Just another form of passive income.

So in short, CASH, PASSIVE INCOME, (perhaps PRODUCT) and REAL ESTATE. Now this may seem a little complicated but let me assure you, broken down into segments, you just concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Most importantly YOU NEED TO MAKE MONEY NOW and prove to yourself that it is do able. I’m a great believe in the KISS formula (Keep It Simple Stupid) so nothing you get from me is complicated. So if you want to see how this works and how simple is actually is, look over my shoulder for a while and see if you would feel comfortable doing the things that I am doing. Then and only then get yourself involved and start creating the sort of income you know you can produce. Don’t get taken up by the hype out there. This is simpler than you think.

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