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Yep, I know exactly what you mean.

The more I delve into this online social media marketing sphere, I can’t help but notice that most of the people we are learning from seem to have made the learning process very complicated and present it to us in a way which might scare the bejesus out of us. It doesn’t matter which system you may be looking at, trust me, they are all pretty well much the same in structure, only dressed up a little differently, but we are led to believe that there is a bunch of serious structures we must learn before we can get started.


This would scare any newbie

In a sense this may be true and as your business grows it will be important that you learn these structures, but you have to ask yourself the BIG QUESTION, what was it that drove you to start looking at getting into an online business.  Simply –  TO MAKE MONEY! You may know how to send an email, post your dinner pics onto your facebook page and a few other maneuvers on the computer, but essentially like the majority of us, you are new to this. You are  a novice. And all you want to do essentially is to find out HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE AND HOW QUICKLY DO I SEE A RESULT.

It’s about seeing some small results quickly while you learn the mechanics of social marketing as you progress.

If you could prove it to yourself by making even a $10 sale on some bit of advice, a sale of some sort even a membership, if you made couple of $10 sales, you would know that this money making stuff actually works. You will learn that to make $1000 sale will take up the same time and effort to make a $10 sale. That’s the good news. Then its up to you as to what scale you want to take this to. While you are pulling in a few bucks here and there, you can do some more research and start to define the direction you want to take with this new found knowledge. There is a bit to learn and come to grips with, that’s for sure and here lies a cross road where you will have to negotiate to determine which direction to take to find the strategies you need that will become your platform, and how quickly will that take. Do you start looking and comparing what is out there that fills your inbox day in day out or do you put your trust into one person or a group, someone who has done the hard yards, the apprenticeship of “been there done that”, who will guide you to the goals your are looking for.

That’s a big decision.

In my  experience over the last three years, I have seen people with the enthusiasm, with bucket loads of motivation, with good intent only to get bogged down with continual study, research, daily webinars, subscriptions, bouncing from one system to another because the results weren’t instant.  A long no- result time period turns into procrastination, becoming unsure of yourself, thinking you need more research just overwhelms you. These same people at the end of the day, became so exhausted, brain drained and disillusioned with stinkin’ thinkin’,  walking away because over time there was very little, if any return on investment and effort. These people generally were left to their own devices and not shown the correct process. And that’s been the problem with about 90% of those seeking to do business online, not because of the different systems or programs they were looking at, but because NO ONE helped them to define  the shortest, quickest and correct procedure of making a success of your business online.

You just have to look at the success some of the smallest and poorer countries had with their national football teams at this years World Cup. Because of the nature of the world game, the selection of the national team had to be pretty uncompromising because the coach only had 6 to 12 months to shape a lose body of players into a successful well oiled strategic machine, each player using their own strengths to combine with what the coach was looking for and building. More at home, your kids may have been lucky enough to be coached in their studies to ultimately get the marks everyone was expecting. So coaching and mentoring is nothing new. Its been around since Adam went to school at the Eden Garden High. Same as in sport, music, medicine, you name it and you’ll see the stars have all been coached.


We all want to reach our goals quickly so that we can put ourselves into a position where we can have the luxury of time and the funds to be able to do the other things we want to do. In other words, take control of our lives financially and socially and not to depend on any future handouts.

NIKE just has the greatest slogan – JUST DO IT

There are systems in place right now that have been operating since the late 1990’s that have an immediate payday results. Simple, fully automated, a complete business in a box changing the lives of thousands of people from all over the world.  A “get paid on the day” system which can be used as a cash flow for other income streams and  licensing programs used to develop strong monthly income streams which will give anyone long term income security. You just need to know that the systems we use are legitimate and have been proven over time and tested with success through their step by step daily guidance.

EARN while you LEARN………. and just START.

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