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Yep, cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain still seems a mystery. The theory behind this is as incredibly relevant as it is emotionally dramatic. What is theory, doesn’t necessarily translate to actuality. Herein lies the problem. Realise this, cryptocurrency in whatever form it may end up as, is here to stay.

I am not some sort of crypto nerd, nor am I a qualified financial or wealth planning whizz. I am just a regular guy like you who’s experience coming from hands on application, taking calculated risks (some good, some bad), having past successes but always having an open mind especially with the dynamic opportunities that present themselves today. I’ve batted with the best and have been humbled by the needy. So what I’ve researched and studied about the “new wealth” is my opinion only. And what I’ve hoped that I’ve done here on this site is to present you a balanced and unbiased opinion as to where all this Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is heading, how long can this current climate prevail and what’s the end going to look like for you and me.

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